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The Noble Collection

The Noble Collection - movie collectibles

The Noble Collection has gained an international reputation for products with exquisite design and fine craftsmanship. In our quest for perfection, we have sought out the most talented and acclaimed sculptors and artists from around the world to recreate our historic designs. Our craftsmen have perfected the techniques that have produced the world's greatest works in metal. They rely on the methods often passed from generation to generation; family secrets of creating unsurpassed beauty and enduring quality. Through this dedication to time honored artistry and authenticity, we have become the premier source for connoisseurs and beginning collectors alike.


The Noble Collection has established the premier position in collectible swords, knives and daggers. By bringing heightened concept, detailed sculpture and design to each piece, the company has set new standards that have captured the loyalty of seasoned collectors, and brought a new generation of enthusiasts into this revered art form.

The Noble Collection has developed products in the most widely sought collectible categories, specializing in the particularly demanding area of weapon replicas and metallurgy, as well as porcelain, bronze, silver and fine jewelry.

Throughout time, men have waged war. Some for power, some for glory, some for honor - and some for love. From the epic motion picture, Troy™ , The Noble Collection brings a recreation of the Sword of Achilles. Crafted to exact detail, the sword has a bronze plated stainless steel blade. The 30 inch sword comes complete with a wall mount display

The Sword of Achilles


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