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How to preserve antique furniture

Furniture preservation is essential if you want to keep precious pieces of furniture to pass it for your grand children or even to enjoy for several years of life.


Some of us might get bored from having the same look and furniture in the house, others tend to enjoy what they have and they want to keep the memories they had with each piece of furniture they have.

Furniture preservation tips:

Respect your furniture, treat it gently. Human and environment factors might cause the furniture to speed aging and getting fragile. Take good care when using your home by protecting wooden surfaces for floor or tables from spelt water or liquids. Use coasters and tablecloth to prevent any stains from occurring.


Wood and upholstery often age and worn out as a cause of miss use. Placing your furniture in constant sunny areas is not a wise decision, since light and temperature affect our furniture make sure to place shades or curtains for protection.


Make sure to dust and wax your wooden surfaces on periodical basis. Use clean piece of cloth to clean fabrics. Avoid cleaning wooden surfaces with water, unless wood is treated to that, but our advice is to use the proper cleaning products for better & longer effect.


When moving your furniture from one place to another make sure not to pick the furniture up from arms or top and also never drag it on the floor. Instead support it from the bottom and pick it up with the help if someone if needed, that's important to avoid any separation of nails or joined wood. Finally, if accidentally damaged by any cause, get it repaired at a professional furniture or wood expert.