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Christmas decoration ideas and tips

Xmas and season's greetings to everyone. I passed by the below article while reading about Xmas gifts and decorations. I found that I personally enjoy doing some of these ideas. There are much more and I thought of sharing it with you. Hope it would be useful to all.

Please, tell us how do you find this article and share with us other ideas for Xmas decoration, tips and tricks for Xmas gifts.
Christmas decorations: 101Easy ideas

Most people and families of the world consider the Christmas tree as the holiday centerpiece of the living room during the Christmas season. But a Christmas tree without attractive Christmas decorations would not make the entire living room vibrant and full of the festive Christmas spirit,

Christmas bells and balls are amongst the top Christmas decorations of a Christmas tree. There are Victorian Christmas balls and bells that are embedded with beads, while there are other types of these popular Christmas decor embellishments that are laced with ribbons and flower designs. But there are lots of other ways to decorate your home.

101 easy ideas for Christmas decor

Source: allthingschristmas.com/decoration-ideas.php

Below is just a selection of the cutest ideas, you can refer back to the original source to know more.

  • Create a charming display of teddy bears dressed for the season. Gather together three or more teddy bears and arrange them on a table or on the floor in a corner. Dress the bears with touques, scarves and mittens. Place candy canes in their hands or tie bows around their necks. You can even wrap up some small, empty boxes with Christmas wrapping paper to place in the bears' hands.


  • Display a collection of nativity scenes from different cultures.


  • Make simple bows from Christmas print ribbon and pin them to your curtains.


  • Hang a collection of Christmas stockings on your mantle, a shelf or the wall (even if you don't stuff them). The more the merrier when it comes to nice christmas decorations.


  • Cut snowflakes from white paper and hang them in all of your windows.


  • Use red and green 3-dimensional fabric paints to trace simple Christmas patterns (like stars, bells, Santas, stockings, etc.) on a white tablecloth.


  • Dress up your house plants - hang small Christmas ornaments on them.


  • Tie a red ribbon around a tall, slim drinking glass. Fill the glass with candy canes and display on a shelf or side table.


  • Purchase plain green or red place mats and attach Christmas ribbons, bows or small wooden ornaments with a hot glue gun.


  • Fill a small glass bowl or decorative Christmas bowl with small cones and display on end tables, shelves, buffet tables, etc.


  • For quick ornaments, hang Christmas cookie cutters with ribbon. Hang them on your tree or in a window so other people can enjoy your christmas decorations.


  • Decorate plain red, white, green or gold candles with 3-dimensional fabric paint. Draw stars, bells, angels, snowmen, etc. If you make a mistake, let the paint dry and peal it off, then start again.


  • Pile a collection of Christmas books on a side table.


  • Purchase an inexpensive mail box. Spray paint it red or green. Use craft paints to add simple Christmas shapes (use our patterns), or attach store-bought ornaments with a hot glue gun (make sure your ornaments will be able to stand up to the elements).


  • Add color to a room with vases of red and white flowers. Use roses, carnations, mums, daisies, etc. Or, float the flowers in large crystal or glass bowls.


  • Cover an end table or a shelf with white paper. Arrange cut evergreen boughs on to cover the table top. Place tall tapered candles in glass candleholders here and there on the table top. Before lighting candles, be sure that the greenery is not close enough to catch fire.


  • Make basic sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies. Before baking, make a hole toward the top of each cookie using a straw. Bake and cool. String a ribbon through each cookie and hang them on your Christmas tree.


  • Purchase a large glass plate. Paint the underside of the plate with gold craft paint. Dry. Place the plate on a table and fill with several white or off-white pillar candles of varying sizes.


  • Wrap a lampshade with translucent Christmas tissue paper. Put the paper on the outside of the lamp shape, overlapping the edges just a little and tape the edges down on the inside. Be careful that the tissue paper doesn't come too close to the light bulb or it may catch fire.


  • Make a gingerbread house. They make wonderful centerpieces or christmas decorations for any table top.


  • For easy Christmas tableware, tie red, green, or gold ribbons to the stems of wine glasses or the handles of cutlery.


  • Put a Christmas screen saver on your computer.


  • Paint Christmas stars or bells on the outside of your bathtub or on your shower curtain using washable children's soap crayons.


  • Place a plate full of wrapped Christmas baking by the front door as parting gifts for guests.


  • Remove your mugs from their cup hooks and hang Christmas ornaments in their place. You can do the same thing with spoon racks or key racks.


  • Wrap your plant pots in red or green foil wrap. You don't even have to remove the plants first. This one of the most simple christmas decorations, but its nice.


  • Purchase an inexpensive glass vase (or better yet, three or four vases). "Paint" the vase with white glue and roll in red or green sparkles. Use the vase to display a large collection of white or red carnations.

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