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Candles with different shapes and colors a delight for the soul

Ideas for decorating with candles

Candles have been always used as a bright idea for romantic dinners, candle decorative shapes used in home décor, and much more other uses of candles. We often find candles at hotels, restaurants and also many would use candles at different corners of home to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere and unique style of home decor.

Since candle uses are increasing daily, prices might vary and on tight budgets some might think of making their own candles to create their favorite candle styles, shapes or colors. Candles are usually made of paraffin wax , having a wick that runs through the candle's center from bottom till top acts as the fuel pump of the candle while its burning. You would need to learn proper ways of melting candles and get the proper materials and containers to create a professionally designed candle at home. Nevertheless, it might be an easy idea to melt candle wax or even candle remains, and then use solid containers; thick type of glass, pottery or mugs as a mold to create your own candle.

Floating candles adds sparkle to your home!

Now what to do with candles and how to use candles as a glamorous, chic object in home decoration?

- A creative simple idea for candles decoration is to create a grouping of candles of the same shape, or of different sizes with same color to create a nice looking candles view set on your side table. Ivory or white color candles are a wise choice that suits all tastes and create comfort in the eyes of the viewer.

- Another way to create an expanded candles look, is to set your candles on a glass or crystal flat shaped platter and place your lighted candles by a mirror, this is an incredible idea that would reflect the candles' beauty and light, also would be an effective way to make it look that you have twice the amount of candles.

- Our next candle tip idea is; floating candles. Place floating candles in a decorative clear glass bowl and use the bowl as a centerpiece for your dining table. You can add fresh flower petals within the glass bowl of your lighted candles to get the most out of that romantic mood.


- In large glass containers place ivory pillar candles and set around green garden or surround with green leaves, light candles and see the great combination of colors.

- Mix candles with wood, stones and other materials to create new atmosphere and exotic designs with candles at home.

Where to place candles at home?

Dining rooms for a glamorous, romantic candle light dinner. Votive candles or pillar candles play a great role in home entrances or in gardens as they add a beautiful, charming terrace or garden view. In bathrooms or around bathtubs; for a tranquil, relaxed mood. In bedrooms for a romantic, dreamy and passionate touch.

Candles can be used anywhere you like, anytime you wish. What is beautiful about candles is that everything turns nice and sparkly by candle light. Candles add warmth, sparkle, style, and atmosphere to your home and add ease, passion and comfort to your soul.


Candles as centepiece for memorable moments

Candles in group mixed with different materials and objects
Create candles groups of your favorite color for a calm mood!
Outdoor candles in glass bowls for sparkling home garden or terrace
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