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Emassive home furnishings

Welcome to the eMassive Stores home furnishings online mall! We have designed this unique mall to make shopping for top quality discounted home furnishings faster, easier and more enjoyable. Here at our eMassive store, we offer exclusive discount coupons and special sales on furniture and home furnishings available only through the mall.

eMassive, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA, owns and operates the eMassive Stores mall and the individual stores contained within the mall. In the early years of the Internet, shopping for home furnishings online was a hit-and-miss process consisting of endless web searches which often landed shoppers on small web sites which lacked proper customer service and did not cater to the specific demands of home decorating customers. Now at eMassive stores are staffed with professional customer service and design professionals who are available to spend time with you by phone or email to ensure you find the right home furniture or decor item, and that it is delivered to your satisfaction.

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Tango Coffee Table Price: $509.99 Ira Modern Leather Loveseat Price: $939.99
Mia Coffee Table Price: $619.99 Abbadia Modern Leather Loveseat Price: $899.99
Austin Manteca Modern Leather Chair (5 colors) Barcelona Chrome Full Leather Lounge Chair
Greccio Modern Leather Sectional Sofa Set Bastia Modern Leather Sofa
Platto Modern Leather Chair Remo Modern Leather Sofa
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