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How to create a comfy cozy living room

Living room is the most used room in the house. For most of us living room is where we watch the T.V. shows with the family, spend nice time with friends, and gather to watch a nice DVD or even play some board games.

That lead us to something which is; a living room is where we feel relaxed, comfy and cozy. Therefore, it is very important to create that feeling and atmosphere where we feel the comfort in our living room.


Our advice to create a nice style living room, at the same time to be cozy and comfy room is to first; choose the proper furniture to add in your living room. A nice comfy fluffy sofa or couch with a hugging arm chair might be the perfect choice for medium seized room. Do not over stuff your room with big furniture, create space for yourself & for your eyes to relax, add small side tables with some nice ornamentation and create nice indirect lighting in your living room to give it a glimpse of warmth.


Remember that you are the one who lives in the home not the furniture. Many people might start buying their furniture disregarding if it would fit in their homes or not. Therefore, they end up having huge pieces of furniture that leaves nothing for comfort. Remember to make your living room as simple as possible. Furniture fabrics in light earthy colors or cheerful tones will add the cozy chic touch you are aiming for.

Finally make sure fabrics used in your living room match all together with carpets, wall colors and even with the rest of your home.

Contact us if you need help in choosing your furniture or ideas for your home, we'll be glad to offer you our advice.