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Wedding planning ideas and wedding planners tricks.

Hottest weddings trends:

Wedding is the time of celebrating love with all your beloved ones. Planning a wedding is not an easy step, especially with occupied couples, who would be already stressed with planning other projects for their new life together. Couples would require a wedding planner to help them in planning their wedding. Having personal experience, we would like to share with you some important wedding planning tips.


Many girls have their own special dream of their wedding day; starting with the location, theme, flowers, food & drinks menu, etc.

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So let's start with the location for planning your wedding:

First start with defining; what's your favorite dream wedding location! Is it an outdoor wedding celebration or would you prefer an indoor classical wedding celebration?!

Outdoors weddings can be held at:

  • Nice romantic places by the beach overlooking the blue sea; an ideal wedding place for many couples.
  • Another alternative for wedding celebration would be around a swimming pool at a hotel or club.
  • You can even celebrate your wedding reception under the stars on a rooftop of your house if possible.
  • Or at a garden full of greeneries, flowers and trees which would be a great help in wedding decoration.

On the other hand you can enjoy an indoor classical elegant wedding at a hotel, ballroom, or mix between an indoor and outdoor wedding celebration by renting a boat or yacht suitable for your dream wedding party.


Wedding party decoration and wedding themes:


Themed wedding party is a hot trend in wedding planning. Planning a wedding theme would add an ideal, romantic and charming atmosphere to your wedding party. Depending on the place the wedding will take place at, then comes planning for wedding decoration and theme. For example if your wedding would take place at a hotel; you can create a glowing spark at the wedding reception by adding candles combined with flowers as table centerpieces. If it is an outdoor wedding; floating candles can be used by placing them in or around the swimming pool, or in a lake with some flower petals or big green leaves that would create as a fantastic relaxing and delightful look for your wedding. Candles and flowers are a hot classical trend for wedding parties that would never be out of fashion.

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There are many uses for flowers and candles at weddings but that must be accompanied with other important wedding decorations. The use of soft fabrics like organza, satin, tulle or glittery table linen adds an exquisite look to your wedding theme. A big organza or colored satin bow is often wrapped around chairs to give a more pampering and delightful look to your wedding. Pillars –if found- can also be decorated with balloons, flowers wrapped with sating ribbons that match your theme. It is very important to note small details and to keep focused on the use of colors.

  We would recommend:

•  Soothing colors; don't use too many colors in a wedding; keep it pure and simple; simplicity is beauty!

•  Off-white, ivory or white colored candles or flowers are a perfect choice for any wedding.

•  Choose a maximum of two main colors for your wedding bouquet and centerpieces then match them with the fabrics used, unless you have a specific design in mind that you love to try.

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Ask a wedding planner:

For an extravaganza wedding party or for those who seek new wedding ideas; you should check a wedding planner. Make sure to know enough information about your wedding planner, see examples of previous wedding parties they planned, hear their ideas and ask as many questions as you want to make sure you and your wedding planner understand each others well. It is important to trust your wedding planner choice and that he/she knows what you like and dislike for planning your perfect wedding day. Wedding planners would have much experience regarding latest laser/light shows used in wedding, latest decorative items, trendy wedding colors, places and will brain storm with you new ideas for your wedding.

If you would like to share with us your experience with a wedding planner, we would love to hear about. If you would like us to recommend you a wedding planner, we would be glad to help.

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