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Wedding themes and wedding ideas

Latest trends of wedding themes:

Wedding themes are increasing daily, with all new ideas about wedding themes couples started to think outside of the box to make their dream wedding come true. Whether you prefer an elegant style classical wedding theme or a romantic wedding theme with a funky touch or would you like to take it for a different level like having a Greek wedding theme, or a Pharaonic wedding theme; where you will be treated as a real king and queen.

Or are you looking for a more hippy wedding theme, a theme that takes you back to the sixties or seventies. Or an adventures pirates' wedding. Now you can choose your favorite wedding theme and make your fairy tale and your wildest dream wedding come true.


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Caribbean or tropical wedding theme:

The use of exotic flowers and fruits like; coconuts or pineapples would be a delicious vivid touch to the Caribbean or tropical wedding theme. Bride and groom can have a form of coconut shell as there entry area or seating place. A matching choice of Latin music and Latin band wearing cheerful colored shirts and white pants. In a Caribbean wedding theme vivid colors; orange, red or yellow would create a magnificent atmosphere, especially if the wedding is on the beach overlooking the sea. A choice of exotic flowers and jasmine's would match the Caribbean style wedding perfectly. As for the menu it would be easy to choose from the delicious Caribbean cocktails and tasty Caribbean meals that include coconut and pineapples.


Pirate wedding theme:
Start with pirates' style wedding invitation placed in a bottle with some sand or sea shells. The invitation itself might include a pirates' map marking the wedding location. Having a pirates' theme wedding requires courage in using darker and bold colors like deep red, gold, shades of black. Using pirates' crafted wooden chest as a centerpiece for your wedding would be an adequate idea that just fits the pirates' wedding theme. Fill the wooden chests with golden pebbles, coins and beads. You can even add nice treats inside of the chests and around it all over the table like; chocolate coins or candies. Use candles to compliment the look and add spark to the gold coming outside the chest centerpieces. Food can also be served to suite the pirates' wedding theme, so you can opt-in for finger food or types of food that can be eaten by hand. Make some kind of game to find a hidden treasure or create a pirates' story booklet about the bride and groom that can be presented as a gift and a unique memory to your guests.


Garden wedding theme with flowers and  wedding table settings.








Fairytale wedding theme:

A fairy tale wedding theme is a legendry way to express your self. A fairy tale designed invitation with some glitters would be a good kick off to start the fairytale wedding theme. The use of bright colors like white with gold and silver would be great for a fairytale wedding. Sparkling blue stars would compliment the fairytale wedding themes and story. Small green elves or fairies with wings will create a magnificent wedding theme if hanged in the air from the ceiling or around trees. Bride or bridesmaids gowns may include light shades of gold or you may dress your flower little girl in a white dresses with silver wings attached to the dress; a perfect angel look. She can also sprinkle glitters with flower petals or those tiny gold coins while walking in front of you. Use glittery items in table linen and compliment that with the use of candles which will make the whole fairytale theme sparkle exquisitely. Use candles with pink flowers or small angel figurines as a centerpiece. Think of a fairytale story for both of you (bride and groom) to be narrated at the wedding or written in a small booklet as a wedding souvenir for your guests.


Wedding cake with tropical fruits and flowers.Bride bouquet with golden ribbon.Wedding table settings and flower decoration on wedding chairs.

Sea wedding theme:

Another fascinating wedding theme idea. The depth of the blue sea with all colorful corals and variety of fish shapes and colors would be a magnificent idea for a wedding theme. The variety of nature would give you lots of ideas to use in your wedding. Walls and ceiling can be covered with waves of light blue and white organza or tulle. Colored fish toys in different shapes can be hanged around the ceiling, you can also have a real fish tank with real fish to be displayed in a prominent spot of the wedding party. The ideas of a wedding theme in the depths of the sea are endless.

Pharaonic wedding theme: (Greek wedding theme can be also done)

Seeking a majestic wedding theme?! Here comes the right royal wedding theme, an ancient wedding theme that treats you as a real king and queen. Pharaonic or Greek style decorated pillars would add luxury to your wedding reception. Use lotus flowers placed in nicely crafted ancient Egyptian boat as a marvelous centerpiece. Bride's and groom's names can be inscribed in hieroglyphs surrounded by a cartouche. The wedding invitation could be made out of papyrus papers and decorated with fine Pharaonic details. For an additional touch to the Pharaonic wedding theme, you may think of presenting food in tableware that are made out of clay, these kinds of pottery will look nice, and cooking in such pots add extra unique flavor to the food. The ancient Egyptians used to festive a lot and they cooked many kinds of food like grilled chicken, lamb, beef. That in addition, to fish and they also new lots of vegetables and fruits ( most famous are dates and figs). So now you can make sure that your wedding will theme well with the food. Bridesmaids can wear comfortable cotton dresses with silver or gold threads, and beaded with green and blue beads or semiprecious stones. You will end up with an elegant yet comfortable piece of art. Have a look at some ancient Egyptian or pharaonic books for more ideas.

Morning weddings vs. Night weddings:

Wedding time is one of the critical decisions for many couples. Some countries are used to celebrate wedding by night, while others celebrate it by morning time. Which do you prefer?

Night weddings; for those who like to stay late at night, this would be the perfect choice. Make it more romantic and plan your wedding on a full moon night, if you can. You can never go wrong with indoors or night weddings, as they are perfect in anytime of the year whether it's summer, winter or spring. In warm or hot countries, a night wedding would be a better option to avoid hot sun rays or humid.

  Wedding table setting.

On the other hand, a daytime or morning wedding, is a cheerful and bright option; since morning weddings are mostly planned in open air areas, so there is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. Better to be planned in a perfect spring or summer day so that you and your guests could enjoy fresh breeze and sun shine. The smart thing about an open air morning wedding is that you can invite as much guests as you wish, since you won't be forced with a specific number of guests (as in hotels). Another good thing about morning weddings is that, the wedding can be extended till night time. That way you can enjoy another unforgettable view of the wedding; sunset, sparkling candles light and different lighting system with green or blue shades, spot lights on trees, etc. all these changes will take you as if you are in a different wedding.

More wedding themes ideas! some might think of their favorite rose or flower and plan the whole wedding theme on it. Others would choose a seasonal wedding theme; summer, winter, spring or fall. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a theme of your favorite celebration like; a Christmas wedding theme or Easter theme. It will also be a smart idea to plan your wedding in festive occasions, since all hotels or wedding places would be already decorated with charming decorations. Wedding themes can be adjusted to suit your taste mood and would be a great way of expressing yourself and what you love in life. Enjoy your wedding day and let go your imagination.


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