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Beauty in nature!

Cosmetic surgery; pros and cons

When & why? Have you ever wondered when does someone decide to have a plastic surgery, or why do we need to perform any kind of surgeries on ourselves as long as one is not in serious illness or sickness.

I remember that we have been afraid and avoiding the idea of going to a doctor or to a hospital to make a surgery. Whether it is a minor surgery or a more serious one, we don't like the idea of a knife cutting through our bodies.

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Since things changes, people thoughts also change and some might have the tendency and opt-in to go under knife, this time it is for the sake of beauty and achieving a long lasting youthful look.

There are thousands of resources out there discussing the cosmetic surgeries from A Z; starting from what is a cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery types, cosmetic surgery side effects, and above all the benefits behind cosmetic surgeries. We won't go through all that since it has been already discussed and explained. We would like to look at cosmetic surgeries from a different aspect and point of view.


Cosmetic surgery from a more realistic point of view. We have seen many reality shows where men or women desperately seek to change how they look, slim their bodies, enlarge their breast, get their tummy tuck, nose job done, and more. After all these surgeries are applied to them, the media focuses on showing us how the persons' life turned from being the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan.

The feeling of satisfaction on one's look is now available; the confidence is there, the idealism of body and face, the positive comments, and all the benefits. A glimpse of the pain, side effects might, or scares resulting from cosmetic surgeries might be shown but is not equally discussed to what people at the final look the "Before & After".

The question is, is cosmetic surgery a real need, or is it a vague feeling developed to control our minds, or a kind of media brain wash that tell us what we need though we might not. Is the perfect image and look really required for one's confidence or self-esteem or it is more likely to achieve others' compliments on how we look. Starting from super stars, celebrities, old men or women, young men or women or even teenagers everybody, everywhere is seeking the ideal look.


Why not since all what appears on our media is focusing on this ideal look. Why not since we don't' want to age, or afraid that people would reject us if our look is not as perfect as "Shown on TV". Nobody wants to be an outcaste but is cosmetic surgery the solution. I believe that in the upcoming years and if cosmetic surgeries continue to being used people would all look alike. The same kind of face, nose, and body sculpting; people would look much alike. Nobody is unique anymore. All distorted with something called plastic beauty or cosmetic surgeries that implant false idealistic measures, telling people you must follow these specific measures to be considered beautiful or good looking. What about the natural beauty and uniqueness of one's look. What about loving your image in the mirror, and most of all loving your inside image and have natural self esteem and self confidence. Believe of your beauty, believe in your self and learn the "Secret" of appreciating what you have.

Finally, the sole purpose of this article is to draw the attention of every woman, man, teenager and elder that their real natural beauty exists. Let's believe in the secret of appreciating our look and embracing our unique beauty, without being cloned of other images.


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