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Professional hair care tips and natural hair care for natural hair look

Hair volume and type:

Hair has may shapes and forms, there is fine hair, course/thick hair, straight or curly hair no matter what your hair type is, it is in constant need of your professional care and attention.

Hair shampoo and conditioner for hair care:

Pay a great attention for your hair type this time we mean if it is dry, oily or if treated with any chemicals. For each hair type use the proper natural kind of shampoo and conditioning that best suits your hair nature. Treat your hair in a professional way and with lots of care to have its lasting shine and shape.



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Professional way to wash your hair:

To achieve a great, natural & healthy hair look it requires time and effort. Your professional hair care routine would start with professional hair washing. Some might not know that when hair is wet and just washed it would be at its most tangible and weakest point; that is because the scalp and cuticles are opened and so the hair nature would be at its weakest form and would easily fall.

So what's professional advice and tips to protect our hair? Just make sure to comb your hair well and free it from any tangles before wetting your hair, then start wetting your hair and applying the shampoo try ones with natural ingredients. Make sure not to apply the shampoo directly on your scalp. Apply it in hand and add some water to the shampoo then rub slightly to your hair scalp not ends so as not to dry the hair ends. Apply another application of shampoo, rinse thoroughly and smoothly, then add the proper conditioner and keep it for few minutes you may also wear a shower cap for better results. After that rinse your hair well from any conditioner remains, use only warm water not hot water to make sure dirt is cleaned. Finally, rinse your hair with cold water; that closes the hair cuticles and add shine to the hair.

Dry wel & carefullyl with a cotton towel. Comb gently after that starting from ends and up to roots using big tooth comb.


That was a professional tip from our hair professionals. Always try natural hair care products and always remember to treat your hair with care.