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How to choose your scent!

There are many many kinds of perfumes and body scents out there. Many of us would get confused what to choose. Which perfume and scent would suit your body and personality.


It is important to get a long lasting perfume, that would mix well when mixed with your natural body oils. So keep in mind to spray the perfume on your skin not on a piece of paper to know if this scent would match your choice or not.


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Some of us would prefer to get a specific brand of perfume and choose the perfect scent for them and wear it all the time in all occasions. While on the other hand, many would have different scents for every occasion. In this case, it is wise to choose the suitable scent for each occasion.

Fresh, clean, hot and sexy perfume!


Apply your scent on your pulse points to sustain a long lasting scent. Pulse points are; the area behind your earlobes, the upper sides of your palms and on the right and left side of your neck.

Warm and sexy scents or fresh and clean perfume. Which do you prefer and how to choose. For those who like the warm sexy scents, we would recommends scents like; Gucci, DKNY Delicious Night, Dolce & Gabbana The One, or Calvin Klein Euphoria. These are just sample of nice warm sexy scents that would work for evening outings and hang outs at night. They are warm, lasting, and sexy.
If you prefer not too strong but fresh, clean or floral scents. Here are some ideas of fresh scents; PRADA, Beyond Paradise or Pleasure by Estee Lauder, Guess, JLo perfumes, Ralph Lauren and Escada. Other hot fresh sexy scents are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Nina by Nina Ricci, Miss Dior Cherie, Armani or Yves Saint Laurent Elle

Some tips and ideas to make your smell and body scent last longer on you. Start with using an unscented deodorant. Otherwise the body deodorant will overpower your perfume.

If you want the scent to last long, layer on matching body lotion, powder and matching body spray before you spray your scent. You can also bathe with shower gel of the same scent.

When buying your scent note that after the fourth trial you will start mixing between different scents and perfume. So always take your time when buying perfume specially that scents and fragrances would smell different after several minutes. It is even better to test fragrance in one day and make the purchase in another. When spraying the scent on your hand don't rub it this will spoil the fragrance composition. Like occasions, you should also bare in mind the season when buying your fragrance; for summer try fresh clean scents. For Winter get more deep, sophisticated and warm scents.

Some say that once you apply a perfume, after half and hour, if you can not smell the perfume on yourself as if you have none on, but others can smell you then that means it suits you well. Good choice.

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