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Eye and face makeup!

How to remove makeup; best safe ways to remove make-up

It is vital to discipline yourself to remove makeup so your skin can breathe and regenerate during the night. Going to bed with your makeup on will not only cause pillow stained with makeup, but it will dangerously affect your skin by causing clogging of skin pores which would lead to acne, breakouts and other skin problems.


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Easy steps to remove make-up

First begin with removing your eye makeup. Start with applying your eye makeup remover on a cotton ball; follow eye makeup remover instructions of use, then remove all traces of makeup by gently wiping each eye until the makeup dissolves. Place a cotton ball or gentle paper tissue just below your lower eyelashes to ensure no traces of eye makeup would pigment your eye skin.


Select a cleanser suitable for your skin type that has also been tested for the removal or breakdown of makeup. Or use a face makeup remover to remove the rest of your face makeup. You can then rinse your face with suitable face cleanser and lukewarm water to make sure your skin is clean and clear from makeup traces.



Pat your face dry with a towel. Apply your face toner and follow with a proper face night cream. You can also apply a nourishing eye cream to rejuvenate the eye area.

Makeup removers and eye makeup remover brands might be an expensive option, below is a list of cheap yet effective ideas to remove your eye makeup:

•  Olive Oil or Almond Oil.   Safe, natural and excellent way to remove eye makeup and to condition the lashes. 
Directions: Soak a cotton ball with olive or almond oil and wipe over eye area to remove makeup.  Remove excess oil with a warm, damp washcloth.  For a more luxurious experience, slightly warm the olive oil before applying.

•  Vaseline has also been used by many women and girls to remove eye makeup.
Directions: Apply a small amount over the eye area using your fingers. Use a damp, warm wash cloth to remove the Vaseline and eye makeup.  Eye makeup comes off quickly and easily using this method.

•  Cold Cream.   There are a variety of cold cream products that thoroughly remove eye makeup and condition the surrounding skin.
Directions: Apply cold cream to eye area with you fingers, then use a damp, warm washcloth to remove both the cold cream and eye makeup.

•  Disposable, pre-moistened eye makeup remover tissues are the quickest and most convenient way to remove eye makeup
Directions: Simply wipe the eye area with the pre-moistened tissue to remove makeup.

•  Sensitive Skin. Baby shampoo or baby oil works miracles to remove eye makeup, to condition lashes, and is gentle on sensitive skin.
Directions: Soak a cotton ball with either baby shampoo or baby oil, apply to the eye area, and then rinse the area using a damp, warm washcloth.


Some effective makeup remover brands; Ponds eye makeup remover, Lancôme, L'Oreal, Mary Kay, Clinique, and others. No matter what brand, price or type nobody can tell you exactly what's best for your beauty needs and budget . You are the sole person to know what's good for your skin; you might buy expensive brands and result with skin irritation, while get much better results from a less expensive brand or product. Just make sure to read the labels and know information about what are you purchasing and what are you applying on your skin. Finally, consider natural skin care products for a healthier look and nourished skin.


Safe or not; baby oil or Vaseline for removing eye makeup?

You'll find answers vary from one another. The baby oil or Vaseline might be good and effective in eye makeup removing. But beware that they or any petroleum base products might cause skin breakouts, wrinkles and eye irritations or damage for some people on the long term. So think twice of what to use around this sensitive area.

You must also avoid washing off eye makeup with cleanser, as it's too harsh and drying for this delicate area. One last advice, you must not use eye makeup remover to remove face makeup, particularly if you have oily skin. This may cause breakouts.

Hope these tips & ideas about how to remove your makeup would help you to maintain your beautiful skin and the charming look of your eyes.

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