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Tips for smooth, luscious and moisturized lips.

We all wish to have smooth silky skin. Many of us will give great attention to body lotions and creams to achieve the soft, silky smooth skin we all seek.

On the other hand, our lip skin may suffer roughness or crackness. Having such a chapped lips might cause discomfort, even when doing the simplest acts like smiling.


It will be so bad to get hurt when smiling, won't it?! Similar to the area around eyes, so is the lips skin, both are so delicate and need special care to get the soft smooth look. Lip skin may suffer badly in the winter cold windy days or from the hot sun of the summer time.
Lip moisturizing tips.Tips for smooth silky lips


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How to know if you have chapped lips:

Your lips will look dry, peeled, and suffer cracking and bleeding. Lip skin will be more sore & sensitive.

Causes of chapped lips may refer to the following reasons:

  • Constant lip licking or bitting; since saliva strips away the natural protective oils of the lips leaving them dry and sore.
  • exposure to direct sun or cold wind.
  • dehydration.
  • smoking.
  • deficiency of some vitamins.
  • using ungentle skin or cosmetic products.
  • Having some medications or specific illness.



Smooth lips tips

Women soft smooth lips


Tips to prevent chapped lips and get the smooth soft lips:

  • Water .. water and more water, drink lots of water and fluids to keep all of your skin hydrated. Drinking enough amount of water will make you have a good looking and healthier skin.


  • An essential way to keep your skin soft is to get rid of dead skin cells, the same concept when treating your lips. You will have get rid of the dead skin cells on your lips to make space for the new soft skin. To do this use a soft toothbrush and a mild exfoliating product. Then use them to brush your lips in slow circular motions. Exfoliate lips just once a week.


  • Use lip balms to moisturize your lips. Lip balms often contain SPF 15 or more that protects your lips from the harmful UVB sun rays and also contains natural smoothing ingredients like: almonds or olive oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Vaseline, coco butter, Bees Wax vitamins and more.


  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly products have very good effect in soothing chapped dry lips. Use once or twice a day. You can also use good lips moisturizing cream brands including Vitamin E.


  • Use lipsticks, lip gloss, or lip balms that contains natural moisturizing ingredients. Use creamy lipsticks and avoid the matt lipsticks when your lips are not in good condition. Avoid previously mentioned reasons that hurts your skin like; smoking.
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