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Britt cafe gift basket collection

Coffee & Cocoa 


This gourmet gift basket will add a summery touch to your choice of any two bags of coffee, sweets, nuts or Café Britt's new gourmet hot cocoa, and a whimsical Coffee Lover's mug. Perfect for summer sipping or snacking! 


Contact us for details or new styles.



11 for 10 


Fill this delicately embellished summer gift basket with the exotic flavors of the tropics… for less! Choose any 10 bags of fresh-roasted coffee, crunchy nuts or tempting sweets and receive an extra bag, FREE. 

Jumbo Jambo 


Choose 20 bags of our mountain-grown gourmet coffees, fresh tropical nuts or irresistible sweets and receive a free bottle of our succulent new Jambo grilling salsas, all packed in a fresh-looking gift basket. The free bottle is chosen at random. 




Your top selection of Café Britt gourmet coffees, chocolates or nuts, carefully wrapped in an elegant sheer wrap.


Lush and leafy 


Café Britt's Rainforest Gift Basket fills the room with greenery and your cup with rich, gourmet flavor. The basket contains one bag each of Café Britt Organic, Costa Rica Dark Roast and Peruvian Pachamama dark roast. Enjoy the exuberance, all year long, with these remarkable coffees.

Good 'n' Saucy 


The tropical look and cheerful feeling of this gift basket will enhance a 3-bottle pack of our new Jambo-brand spicy grilling salsas! They will add a tangy, tropical flavor to your meals. Flavors on each pack are predetermined but deliciously diverse. The special includes a stylish Jambo grilling apron beautifully arranged in the basket.



What is a pleasure? A smooth cup of creamy hot chocolate? A cup of fresh-roasted gourmet coffee? Or our exquisite nuts? Mix and match two bags of your favorite Café Britt's coffees, sweets or nuts and you will also receive one can of our new gourmet hot cocoa, all packed in a colorful gourmet gift basket that will sure put a smile on your face.