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Spa finder spa products and body products

SpaFinder's mission is to empower people to find their perfect well-being experiences. SpaFinder promote well-being experiences through vertical search, magazines/directories, reservation technology and gift programs. Spa finder stimulate industry growth by connecting consumers and providers everywhere, everyday.


Chocolate spa indulgenceicon

Spa refreshening basketicon


Choose from any spa set you like either the This 8" decorative box, includes milk chocolate body lotion, cocoa chocolate shower gel, white chocolate bubble bath, cocoa chocolate bath salts, hand-held wooden massager, natural loofah mitt and sipping chocolate drinks. Cost: $49.95

Or get this refreshing green tea and mint scent with a beautiful keepsake tote bag. Includes green tea and mint shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, anti-bacterial hand gel, vanilla scented candle, natural loofah and sparkling grape juice. For only $49.95

Relaxing spa basket for a relaxed body feeling.icon   Spa basket for body releificon
This exclusive 7" fabric box is complete with our new green tea and mint spa collection. Includes body lotion, shower gel, bath salts, anti-bacterial hand gel, hand-held wooden massager, cinnamon apple crisps, vanilla filled tea biscuits and Tea Forte teas. Includes a $50 Gift Certificate, accepted at thousands of spas worldwide.

Or Give the gift of serenity with this beautiful 16" tote. Includes exclusive serenity rain-scented, anti-stress shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath and bath salts. A bath poof, natural loofah mitt, hand-held wooden massager, Tranquility CD, vanilla scented candle on a silver tray and low-fat sweet meringues.
Gift certificate Spa Finder, wellness  gift package!
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