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Pot cooking and pot cooking recipes!

Crock pot is your ultimate choice for one pot cooking. One pot to saute', to cook, serve, store and reheat. Not only the pot cooking is easier and faster, but pot cooking tastes great, and pot cooking is very delicious when served hot right from that beautiful pot.

Crock pot offers best pots for slow cooking, replacement parts for your favorite cooking pot and other must have cooking products. That in addition to, a variety of delicious and tasty pot cooking recipes.


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Find slow pot cooking recipes.

Get the perfect pot cooking with many pot cooking delicious recipes.


Discover tasty pot cooking recipes. Enjoy the slow pot cooking that enthuses cooking flavor. Find pot coking stew recipes, recipes for cooking lamb, beans, poultry, veal, beef, sea food or even vegetarian dishes. Add taste, flavor and love to your cooking by using the perfect pot for your delicious cooking ingredients.


For over 30 years and 100 million slow cookers sold, Rival ® has continuously brought innovation to slow cooking. From adding the ease of removable, Rinse-Clean stoneware to the introduction of today's line of technologically advanced programmable slow cookers, the Rival ® Crock-Pot ® slow cooker has remained America's Original and #1 brand of slow cookers.
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