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Stinky Cheeses For Sumer

igourmet specials

Offering over 600 specialty cheeses, thousands of fine foods, and a complete line of exquisite gift baskets, each accompanied by detailed information and useful serving suggestions. Best place to shop online for cheese, wine, caviar, gift baskets, sea food, meat and dry foods.


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igourmet has been dedicated to providing delicious, high quality, imported gourmet products of cheese, wine and caviar directly to American food lovers at the lowest available prices.


Wonderful Gourmet Cheeses
We are extremely proud of our line of fine imported cheeses. igourmet imports cheese from England, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Sweden and just about every other cheese producing European nation.


Complementary Specialty Foods
Upon hearing the term "specialty food", a person probably imagines a display of cheese, caviar, paté and smoked salmon. In truth, the world of specialty food consists of thousands of products, ranging from fresh fruit preserves, to aromatic teas and coffees, to handmade pastas and sauces. In addition to our anchor line of fancy cheeses, igourmet professionals carefully selects unique, premium-quality specialty foods from around the world. As with our cheeses, we take great pride in our specialty food catalog and provide abundant information related to each product's heritage and preferred usage.

A Distinctive Gift
For the holidays, our fabulous Cheese of the Month and Tea of the Month plans have become popular gifts. You may also choose from a selection of international gift baskets filled with delightful gourmet foods from Britain, France and Italy. igourmet's exclusive exotic wood cheese boards, great gifts all by themselves, also come pre-packaged with some of our favorite products. In addition, certain items at igourmet, such as a case of Italian Olio Carli extra virgin olive oil or a full wheel of English Mature Blue Stilton, make a great gift on their own. igourmet includes a personalized note free of charge with any gift purchase.
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