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Oriental fish (seafood) sauce recipe

This is an easy, quick oriental fish sauce that will add great flavor and taste to your fried, grilled fish fillet or seafood dish. Works magic with fried fish fillet.

You will need the following ingredients to your oriental fish sauce:

Salt - pepper - chopped garlic - 2 chopped red onions - 1 chopped green bell pepper - 2 tbs. cumin - 1 tbs. coriander - juice or 3 tomatoes - 1tsp. chili powder - 1tsp. tomato paste - grilled or fried fish fillet.

Fish sauce with onions, tomatoes, pepper, coriander, and cumin!

In a saucepan add some olive oil, then add chopped onions stir till golden. Then add cubes of green pepper stir with onion till tender and add garlic. Mix all together, add coriander, cumin and chili powder. Finally, end with adding the tomato paste, salt, pepper and tomatoes juice to the ingredients and stir all together.

You can either cut fish fillet to cubes & place your seafood directly in the sauce. Or directly pour the fish sauce on the fish fillet and present it hot with white short grain rice and salad.


Another option: After making your oriental fish sauce, you can slice potatoes and place them in a greased pan add some salt and pepper, cumin to the potatoes, then set fried fish slices on top of the potatoes, cover with fish sauce and place in oven till tender and potatoes are cooked. You may add some water to the pan to fully cook the potatoes.

Feel creative and adjust the sauce according to your taste, add more chili if you need your seafood or fish sauce hotter. Be flexible in changing the amount of spices according to your taste.

This is an oriental fish sauce that originally presented at seafood restaurants in the Middle East or Asia.
Fish sauce!
Fish fillet dish with salad