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Sharkaseya: original Turkish recipe of walnut sauce served with chicken and white rice.

Turkish food, meal and Turkish recipes are very delicious. Some of the famous Turkish meals like: shish tawook shish kebab, dolma (stuffed vegetables with rice) and elegant Turkish dish the Sharkaseya. Sharkaseya is an elegant, yummy Turkish meal that is mostly known in Arab and Middle Eastern countries. Sharkaseya is a specially made walnut sauce presented with chicken and plain short grain or Egyptian white rice.

You will need:

2 Turkey or chicken breasts, 1/4 Kilo walnuts, the inside of 1 toast or petit pan, salt & pepper, dried coriander, 1 or 2 cloves minced garlic, 2 tbs. oil or margarine, chicken broth, 1 onion, cardamom and arabic gum.

Sharkaseya: original Turkish recipe

To make sharkaseya you need to have homemade chicken broth. So start by rinsing chicken breasts well, then bring to boil in about 2 cups of water, add salt, pepper, onion cut in half, cardamom and arabic gum.


Let chicken boil well till tender. After being cooked well, take chicken breasts out of broth, remove skin and bones, then set aside.


Soak inner of bread in some broth, then in a blender; mix walnuts with inner of the toast or petit pan till completely smooth. You can add some broth to make blending easier if you wish.

Bring 1 cup of broth to boil add mix of walnut to it, mix constantly. Add more chicken broth if sharkaseya sauce is too thick. Thickness of sharkaseya should be moderate not too thick and not too thin. Finally in a sauce pan, add oil or butter, garlic then coriander stir well till golden, then toss immediately on walnuts mix, stir well.

Serve sharkaseya with white rice, arrange chicken breasts around rice add some of the sharkaseya sauce over it. Then serve rest of sharkaseya in a separate bowl. Enjoy your original turkish home made sharkaseya.

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Sharkaseya with rice and chicken.