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Stonewall kitchen food recipes

Quality and exceptional good food taste have been the hallmarks of Stonewall Kitchen since its beginning in 1991. Sixteen years ago, Stonewall set up their three-foot square card table at the local farmers market, displaying proudly the few dozen vinegars and jams stonewall kitchen had finished hand labeling just hours before. Stonewall offers exquisite food recipes and fresh food products that suits all appetites.

Stonewall kitchen has done all the work for you and found outstanding selections of recipes and foods for any occasion. Order delicious fresh food courses like; a Maine lobster dinner, complete with ribs, or a warm, nourishing soup simple enough to make at home and elegant enough to impress all your guests.

Stonewall kitchen pancake and waffle recipes & mixes are among our all-time top sellers. The incredible aroma tempts you to sample these extraordinary recipes of pancakes. Ideal for both pancakes and waffles, these mixes and recipes are also wonderful when used in recipes such as crepes or cookies. Pure maple syrup is a treasure from stonewall native New England. Stonewall kitchen pure Grade A Dark Amber Maine Maple Syrup is tapped locally and is best used to top pancakes, waffles or french toast.


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Stonewall grill sauces for tasty food are distinctive and versatile. Use for food grilling, food roasting or toss with pasta for incredible flavor. Try Stonewall unique teriyaki sauces as a marinade, dipping sauce or add to your favorite stir fry. Fresh tomatoes and just the right herbs and spices make incredible new pasta sauces thick and full of traditional Italian flavor. Our horseradish sauces are a smooth topping with the hearty kick of horseradish. Try Stonewall zesty cocktail sauces with chilled jumbo shrimp, smoked trout or salmon.

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Stonewall kitchen recipe database contains over 600 delicious recipes featuring award winning products. Enter the recipe criteria you wish to search for below. When you find recipes you like you may print it, email it or save it to your own recipe box.

Discover over 600 Gourmet Recipes at StonewallKitchen.com Feel free to contact us for any inquiries